How Multi-Modality AI Will Herald In The Post-Scarcity Era

ChangeLog May 20, 2023- May 30, 2023

GeneSplice 🧬 : Ultra-Long Gene Expression Modeling

An Omni-Present AI Writing Companion: Athena Writer 🌌 

Open Sourcing the APAC AI Website: Embracing Transparency and Igniting the Creator Revolution

Unleash Your Inner Creator

Break Free from Life’s Chains: The Great Journey to Transcendence

[Change Log E2] Andromeda, The Cortex, Kosmos-X, The Harvestor, and more! May 5th - 20

The Cortex, An AI Research OS

Announcing 🎤 OmniMorph: A Unified Framework for Multi-Modality Embeddings

[Change Log] April 23-May 5 Omni-Modality Processing, InfinityWarp, Flash MultiHead Attention, Reinforcement Nebula + more!

Training Strategy for Kosmos-X

Announcing 🎤 🌌 Prophets of Agora 🏛️

Announcing 🎤 InfinityWarp, a module that enables you to run inference on AI’s while they are actively training! [Agora]

Awesome AI Training-List 🚀

Introducing A Super-Intelligent AI That Can Perceive, Understand, And Reason In Multiple Modalities: Democratizing Kosmos-1

Announcing Neo-X: An All-New Ultra-Reliable Activation Function for Multi-Modality Models

Nebula is All You Need: A Universal Loss Function for All Deep Learning Workflows [paper]

[Research Log] Nebula V2

3 Post-Human Ways To Combat Procrastination and Anxiety [From Someone with severe Anxiety]

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